Industry Best Practices

AIIPA is always looking for new best practice ideas and we strongly encourage you to submit any ideas to other members of the industry via the form below:

It is imperative that state program managers, in combination with all other stakeholders, fully engage in information sharing and relationship building so that interlock state program oversight is conducted in the most thorough and efficient manner throughout the country.  Highway safety is a mission that can suffer no compromise.   

"AIIPA, an industry leader in ignition interlock education and training, strives to expand our resource capabilities in 2016.  It is imperative that state program managers and other stakeholders have access to today's best practices in order to manage an efficient interlock oversight program.  Protecting the integrity of state-wide ignition interlock programs is an essential top priority.  "

Laura Bailey, AIIPA President

Coming soon, AIIPA will highlight an ignition interlock program manager from across the United States along with an interesting best practice from their state.  Stay tuned for January's highlighted program manager and best practice!

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