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This section provides a link to the past years AIIPA Conference Proceedings documents. These documents contain important information on current priorities and challenges, monitoring strategies, enforcement of interlock laws, program and data management, NHTSA Model Specifications, device calibration, vendor oversight, and program participation rates. 


Reciprocity, the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, continues to be an obstacle for many states when it comes to highway safety.  The inaugural 2015 Multi-State Ignition Interlock Forum, hosted by the Commission on Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) in Richmond, VA, provided an opportunity for multiple states to gather and discuss reciprocity issues, strategies, and approaches for overcoming this challenge.  

The initial product of the first Multi-State Ignition Interlock Forum is a mobile application titled "Approcity".  The first roll-out of 'Approcity" will provide important information on multiple states' ignition interlock program.  The information provided will be useful for state program managers and ignition interlock service providers who are attempting to resolve a dual-state interlock requirement.  In addition, the application will provide a form for individuals to submit reciprocity questions and a link to the Multi-State Ignition Interlock Forum's Facebook page. The initial roll-out of "Approcity" is just the foundation, many more items will be added to the application in future updates.  

Approcity Mobile App

AIIPA has dedicated a great amount of time and hard work to the creation of the AIIPA Best Practices and the AIIPA Standardized Vocabulary documents. Each are a great resource for those managing a state-wide ignition interlock program. These documents continue to be modified based on advancements in technology and methods.

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